Operable, Glass Walls & Accordion Partitions2018-06-08T11:49:18-05:00

Operable, Glass Walls & Accordion Partitions 

Operable Walls

Operable walls make the most of your space. Operable walls make it possible to change a room size in a matter of moments! They also aid in reducing sound between areas, and are extremely efficient and convenient for commercial spaces.

Glass Walls

KWIK-WALL’s moveable glass walls are constructed with an industry first, a mechanically fastened system to attach the glass to the glass hardware. The glass hardware allows for stacking the glass walls in many configurations, for interior operable walls and exterior moveable glass walls.

Accordion Partitions

Accordion doors are the fastest, most convenient way to divide a commercial space. Pull the door across the room and latch for instant privacy and sound control. This type of door is perfect for those who need to divide space frequently.

Images courtesy of KWIK-Wall.